From Japan to Portugal: Design 2023 Entries and 2022 Winners

As our Design 2023 Annual competiton commences, let’s take a look at entries past and present; this annual may be shaping up to be our most inspirational yet! 

Super Studio Kitakagaya Open Studio 2021 Spring (above) is a brochure designed by Chihiro Otsuki from the Japanese design firm, diotop, for Super Studio Kitakagaya’s open house exhibition. The brochure invites attendees to reflect on the artists’ works and discuss the art history and connection between all the exhibited pieces. While the pandemic has made it difficult for open events to progress, the studio hopes that its exhibit will bring back the communicative, art-loving nature of exhibitions, and that its attendees will follow the brochure and pursue collaborative discussion despite all odds. 

Regarding the brochure itself, Otsuki designs an abstract layout consisting of geometric vectors and sprawled out typography designed by NEWTYPES. With a combination of English and Japanese, the brochure is universally inviting, and its modern typeface is incredibly unique, eye-catching, and reminiscent of current trends in fashion and abstract art. According to the studio, the exhibit was a huge success and its hope for unanimous discussion was achieved. 

From our 2022 Design Annual, Council of the European Union Presidency Coin (above) is a silver-winning entry by Portuguese designer Eduardo Aires. With Portugal presiding over the Council of the European Union, Aries was tasked by INCM to redesign the two-euros coin to celebrate the momentous feat for the country. He explains that Portugal is in the “most southwestern” part of Europe, so the coin features a series of lines projecting from a singular, lower end-point, to reflect the country’s geographical location and connection to all of Europe. The end result is a well-crafted, symbolic design layout that celebrates Portugal’s newfound role and unity across the European Union, and is surely a landmark moment in Aires’ design career. 

While our 2022 Annual may have ended, our 2023 Design Annual is well underway. Visit to see how to apply. 

Author: Graphis