A Vision to Drive: The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR in Graphis Journal #365

Look towards the future this year with a futuristic luxury car design so beautiful, it’s like it came for another world!

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is an exhilarating collaboration between two titans; the skills of both the Mercedes-Benz brand and the Avatar film production team have come together to create a car that demonstrates the future of driving. The lush visuals of Avatar combined with the luxury inherent in the Mercedes-Benz brand create a gorgeous aesthetic, both futuristic and current.

The vision is of a “zero impact car,” a car that can merge with both its environment and driver. It has thirty three movable “bionic” flaps on the back of the hood which enable the car to have a more harmonious relationship with its surrounding environment. For the exterior, the car features a stretched, sporty, one bow design. The interior of the car can become a fully immersive space, giving the driver the choice between driving through the real world or the world of Avatar, Pandora. Color-changing fabric further immerses the driver and passengers with their surroundings. There is also a multifunctional control center that can recognise the driver from their breathing or heartbeat, and allows them to drive with their hand, no steering wheel necessary. A menu selection can be projected onto the palm of the driver’s hand for easy access. There is an emphasis on sustainability that goes beyond the superfluous with features such as vegan leather and organic battery technology made of recyclable materials. The innovative technology allows the battery to recharge in fifteen minutes. Another ambitious element of the car is the Diagonal drive. This function allows the car to move sideways by 300 degrees. The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR combines elements of the fantastical and the real to create what appears to be a totally unique driving experience.

To see the car in action, check out this video on Youtube. To discover more product designs in Journal #365, you can buy an issue at graphis.com.

Author: Graphis