Creative Change: Poster Annual 2022 Winners & Poster Annual 2023 New Entries

We are so excited to show you some of our new and award-winning poster designs! From looks that set out to change the world for the better to images that are beyond our wildest imaginations, these designers have brought us their best.

Process” (above, left) was designed by Sanja Planinic for the ALLSTARS exhibition organized by the PDP Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. This exhibition included seventy designers, illustrators, and other visual artists who presented their work on the theme of the process. This piece was quite the success, making it a Platinum Award winner in our 2022 Poster competition.

With a design that does so much more than catch the eye, Arcana Academy‘s “Balloons Kill” (above, right) makes great moves towards the preservation of our oceans. Shane Hutton and Lee Walters, key members of Arcana Academy, founded the charity Balloon Brigade after finding hundreds of balloons in the oceans off the coast of California. Disturbed by the find, Hutton and Walters knew they had to bring awareness to the growing issue of plastic pollution. When thinking of the best design to represent their cause, Lee Walters and fellow Arcana Academy designer Dan Pettit made balloons their subject, as it provides a multitude of design opportunities, and the design team wanted to convey the message of conservation in a new way that steered away from the typical “gloom and doom” of other environmental charities. Balloon Brigade also wanted to be clear about the fact that they weren’t protesting balloons – they were simply advocating for not releasing them into the environment.  

To spread the idea that conservation can be fun, Arcana Academy chose to juxtapose a fun color palette with a straightforward and blunt message in order to inspire donations and support. This poster design has led to great success for the charity, and has helped them pull thousands of balloons from the ocean in their first two years of existence. Since the launch of this campaign, the support for the cause has grown exponentially on social media, and donations for Balloon Brigade have increased one hundred times what they were!

Lastly, “Mystical Creatures/Close Encounters of Moorish Idols” (above) was designed by David H. Gwaltney as a self promotion for Mystical Creatures, a series of signed limited edition prints created on the Procreate app by Gwaltney. This piece won Graphis’ Silver Award in the 2022 competition, which is only one of the many accolades Gwaltney has received for his work.

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Author: Graphis