Sipping Coffee and Wine: Latest Packaging 10 Entries

Coffee connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts rejoice! Our latest entries for our Packaging 10 competition boast stellar designs for two of our favorite drinks. 

Yellow Crane Tower Coffee” (above) marries traditional Chinese culture with a novel, international product, coffee. The packaging series, conceptualized by designers Jin Zhang and Yaxin Liu at China’s Wuhan SANBU Brand Design Co. Ltd., advertises a scenic, local cafe at Yellow Crane Tower. While the agency hoped to promote the tower’s new hot spot, it also aspired to celebrate the city’s prosperity through a cultural merge that’s both proudly Chinese and global. The end result is a line of coffee with beautiful packaging composed of detailed illustrations of China’s natural landscapes, city life, and people. The packaging’s drawing style alludes to traditional Chinese art, and a poetic visual identity ties all of it together. The triad of the bold yet simple color palette, still life framing, and historical logo make a cinematic design that achieves its purpose of cross-cultural integration and brings coffee into the Chinese public. 

After coffee comes wine, and in “ForteMasso” (above) William Raineri designs the packaging for an Italian winery located in the heart of Piedmont. Part of Agricole Gussalli Beretta’s wine group, ForteMasso is a new company that celebrates and finds its fruit in the historical vineyards of Castelletto Cru and Pressenda. When designing the branding, Raineri focused on the company’s values and authenticity to its location, creating an overall design that’s both elegant and reminiscent of the vineyard’s geographical location. The end result is a sleek, monochrome package with hints of blues and reds, and a stand-out typography exclusive to ForteMasso; the logo is also note-worthy for its intrinsically detailed vine leaves that surround the company’s initials. The bottle’s high-end packaging promises an equally delicious taste to match. 

While our Packaging 10 deadline approaches, don’t forget to visit to see how you can still enter! 

Author: Graphis