From Classics & Rules to Tough Cookies

Ron Taft’s Ad Creative for A Classic

Graphis Master Ron Taft is an award-winning designer, marketer, and advertising agency owner. His skill in ad design is undeniable; he recently won Platinum for “Looking Good” (above, left), which he created for his client Modern Classic Motors in Reno. The ad was seen in automotive luxury brand magazines and featured the headline “How many of us look this good at 45?”, highlighting the anniversary of the Ferrari 308GTB.

One key to this ad was celebrating the age of a car as an asset rather than a liability. The idea was to resonate with classic car lovers who cherish and collect these vehicles and point out that classic cars are beautiful, just like people—no matter their age. It also resonated with those who can afford them, which is why it had such a positive response when it ran in automotive luxury brand magazines. Another factor in why this ad succeeded was its use of humor. By using humorous language such as “How many of us look this good at 45?”, Taft created an impactful message that also made people smile or chuckle when they read it. Humor can effectively convey your message because it helps people relate more quickly to your message and boosts engagement by making it entertaining and memorable.

Taft is a genuinely talented creative director whose recent award-winning work speaks for itself. His success lies in his ability to tap into people’s emotions while delivering a compelling message about his client’s product or service. He did so here through a solid concept that uses humor and celebrates age rather than diminishes it—something that many classic car lovers can relate to and appreciate. It is no wonder that his work has been recognized with Platinum awards!

Taiwanese Design Agency Redefines Design Rules

Taiwanese design and marketing agency Hufax Arts also recently won a Platinum award for art director Fa-Hsiang Hu’s poster “New Rules” (above, right) designed for the ADLINK Education Foundation. This poster conveys the concept of good design and how it can define new rules for the world.

The artwork behind this poster features two posters, one a negative, and one positive. The first poster contains the phrase, “Good design defines new rules for the world,” while the second reads, “Good design always uses simple rules.” In addition to these text elements, there are also illustrations of arrows pointing in different directions and an image of a ruler intersecting with the English letter “R.” The letter “R” also coincides with the Chinese character “ruler.” And the common point is also like an arrow indicator. Such connected narratives share a common interpretation of “good design.” Hu combined these elements to create their visual representation of what good design rules look like.

This poster goes beyond being visually appealing; it also conveys an important message about good design. By connecting the words “rules” and “design” with arrows and a ruler, Hu wanted to show that good design is about finding new ways to approach old problems and coming up with creative solutions to those problems that may not be readily apparent at first glance. As such, this poster serves as both an inspiration for designers looking for innovative ways to tackle projects and a reminder that sometimes simple solutions are best when it comes to problem-solving. Its visuals alone are enough to draw viewers in, but its deeper meaning in bringing fresh ideas and approaches to problem-solving makes it even more impactful. Designers, marketers, and advertising agencies can learn something from this fantastic work!

PETROL’s Real Tough Cookies

The mobile gaming industry is growing daily, making it a competitive space for app developers looking to make their mark. This is why advertising and marketing play such an essential role in the success of any game launch. As part of its 360 campaign for the Cookie Run: Kingdom launch, PETROL Advertising worked to create a strategy and key art for their client Devsisters that would capture the attention of gamers and attract new players. Let’s take a closer look at what made this campaign a success.

The essential element of the campaign was the key art design (above), which had to be eye-catching and visually appealing enough to draw in potential players. PETROL took the 2D look for the characters from in-game to achieve this goal and created 3D cookies. They then added emotion to their faces and body language to make them more lifelike and engaging. The final result was a journey through different worlds within the game, showcasing the hero characters as “real tough cookies” while fighting off enemies throughout their adventure.

In addition to creating high-quality visuals, PETROL also engaged influencers who could help spread awareness about Cookie Run: Kingdom’s launch throughout Western regions. These influencers provided an authentic voice that resonated with viewers, increasing interest in the game through their honest reactions and reviews. It also enabled Devsisters to reach potential players who may have yet to hear about their latest offering otherwise. To further increase engagement around Cookie Run: Kingdom, PETROL created video ads that featured gameplay footage from within the game and interviews with some of its top players. This allowed potential customers to get an idea of what it would be like playing without having to download it first—a great way to drive downloads amongst those on the fence about trying out the game.

All these elements combined resulted in an effective advertising campaign that helped launch Cookie Run: Kingdom into Western regions with great success. By focusing on quality visuals (key art), engaging influencers, and cleverly crafted video ads, PETROL showed how creative strategies could help gain maximum visibility when launching games or services online—something all marketers should keep in mind!

In conclusion, Cookie Run: Kingdom is an incredibly successful game. It achieved the #3 spot on the top-grossing list in the Apple App Store and has accumulated over 40 million users since its launch. What’s even more impressive is that it continues to maintain 7-8 million MAU (monthly active users) each month. At this rate, we expect more great things from PETROL and Cookie Run Kingdom in the future!

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Author: Graphis