Film Posters From Graphis Advertising Annual 2009

Film Posters

Film posters have become quite predictable in recent years. Flashy typefaces, cartoonish central figures, and tacky punch lines have become the norm. Where is the big idea?

In Graphis Advertising Annual 2009, two American advertising agencies decidedly got it right. On the far left, California advertising agency, The Refinery, crafted an elegant poster for the 2007 French film, La Vie en Rose — the story of the legendary singer Édith Piaf.

And on the right, Oregon advertising agency, Tbd Advertising, created a series of posters for the 4th Annual BendFilm Festival in Oregon. Here’s how they described their inspiration:

“To differentiate the experience of this independent film festival from mainstream Hollywood, these print ads show expected settings and props from a movie theater coupled with lines that play off of the cliché movie-going experience. To create the grainy screen-look in the photographs, the photos were taken as Polaroids and then re-photographed with a digital camera.”

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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