Judging a Book (or Record) by Its Cover: Latest New Talent 2023 Entries

A great cover is something that not only captures a person’s attention but also piques their interest. Whether it’s for a book or a music album, this week’s featured entries from our New Talent competition are examples of how creativity and a keen understanding of your source material can create strong, eye-catching compositions. 

First up is a design concept by ArtCenter College of Design student Charnee de Souza, where she had to choose a color swatch and transform it into a book cover. The name of her chosen swatch was “Lucky One” (above), and is the light blue color Souza used in the cover’s background. For the design itself, Souza found inspiration in American traditional tattoos, which are usually flat illustrations characterized by their clean black outlines, vivid colors, and minimal shading. Incorporating these elements for her own illustration, Souza used Procreate to draw a woman with blonde hair and blushing cheeks framed by a horseshoe and iconic Sailor Jerry font that is often used in American traditional tattoo designs. Flowers, particularly roses, are another image often used in tattoos, which Souza utilizes throughout her design, adding a sense of balance and harmony. Besides the main cover, Suza also created three additional illustrations and a fictional author name to make a full book sleeve, which she had printed and wrapped around an existing book. Souza’s design was well received by her instructors, and they encouraged her to print it in additional formats, including a poster, postcards, and business cards for her grad wall.

The next submission is a vinyl cover design for the 2021 album “After Some Time” (above) by Kūmorebi Music, designed by School of Visual Arts student Angeline Lim. After her friend Chaska sang and recorded the album last year, Lim set out to create an alternative vinyl album cover. She chose to incorporate Daniel Um’s “Here’s a Rainy Night” painting, which draws inspiration from landscape compositions by traditional Chinese artists such as Shitao. Layered with multiple colorful strokes, the painting depicts what a rainy night might look like from behind a window: a blend of colorful light and blurred abstract shapes. Although Kūmorebi had commissioned another one of Um’s paintings for the album, Lim thought that this painting was a better representation. 

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Author: Graphis