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Illustrating with Two Souls: The Balbusso Twins Featured in Graphis Journal #377

Anna and Elena Balbusso, also known as the Balbusso Twins, are an award-winning artist duo living in…
Design by Studio Eduardo Aires for Livraria Lello.

A Tale of Literary Rebranding: Studio Eduardo Aires and Livraria Lello

Book lovers, rejoice! Studio Eduardo Aires (Portugal) breathed new life into the internationally acclaimed Porto bookshop Livraria…

Judging a Book (or Record) by Its Cover: Latest New Talent 2023 Entries

A great cover is something that not only captures a person’s attention but also piques their interest….

Contrasting Photo Analysis + M is for Museum: Newest Design 2023 Entries

Less is more! These Design Annual 2023 submissions show us how using clean, modern, and minimalist aesthetics…