Protection Portrait + A Detailed Design: Latest Photography 2023 Entries

The photographers behind this week’s submissions show us how they operate their unique artistic vision and technical skills to create stunning images that tell a story and engage the viewer.

Self-Portrait with Anti-Covid Mask” (above, left) is a self-initiated project by Paco Macías Velasco, a renowned photographer based in Mexico City. The inspiration for the striking portrait came to Valesco one day when he put on his face shield and goggles and looked in the mirror. He instantly grew fascinated with how the light above his mirror highlighted the white of his hair, eyebrows, mustache, and beard under the plastic of his face shield. Wasting no time, the photographer shot a black and white portrait of the pronounced contours and shadows of his face, all framed by his hair and anti-Covid mask. When describing his approach, Valesco explained that in his long career as a photographer, he has learned that light, in most cases, is what dictates where to point the camera, telling him what he should photograph at that moment.

Golden Hour” is a gorgeous behind-the-scene image taken by editorial and fine art photographer Allison Smith at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Class of 2022 Fashion Show. The photo depicts the accessories designer turned model Nikita M’Bouroukounda styled in SCAD fashion BFA graduate Hailey Kavanagh’s knitwear collection, which opened the runway show with M’Bouroukounda donning her premiere knit and tulle gown for the runway. With golden afternoon light filtering in from the studio windows behind her, the model glows in Kavanagh’s design, and the viewer gets an up-close look at the details of the premiere dress. From the monochromatic hand-knitted tulle to the delicate beaded hand gloves, the photo offers a more in-depth view into the time, creativity, and craftwork poured into Kavanagh’s design. 

The final entry comes from Graphis Master Jonathan Knowles, an award-winning British advertising photographer and filmmaker who specializes in drinks, liquids, food, and still lifes. In his photo series “Saturate Your Senses” (above), Knowles shot a collection that engages a viewer’s senses, featuring photos of a mouth biting down a lime, a mouth surrounded by berries, and a face blissfully submerged in a bath. Using his skills in lighting, styling, and creative direction, Knowles was able to produce images that are both beautiful and powerful. By engaging our senses with these images, he creates images that the viewer can practically see, smell, and feel.

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Author: Graphis