Design: Yin Zhongjun, David Minh Nguyen & more from the Poster Category

Yin Zhongjun of Dalian RYCX Advertising Co., Ltd. located in Liaoning, China, created the above poster (left) for their client, Poland Auschwitz International Political Poster Biennale. The poster is “a challenging “four-dimensional space” is created to resonate with the audience. The dramatic presentation of the abstract “Five-Pointed Star” aims to explore the diversity of the differences between Eastern and Western ideas.”

The poster beside it (right), a Platinum Winner in Design Annual 2016, was created by David Minh Nguyen of Airbnb as a self-initiated project. The poster was designed specifically for “Nir Eyal’s talk at Airbnb HQ.”

The poster to the left was designed by Molly Kennedy-Darling of Sandstrom Partners in Portland, Oregon under the creative direction of Steve Sandstrom. Created for client Northwest Film Center, the poster promotes the 41st Portland International Film Festival: “the balloons represent the efforts, dreams, experiments, ideas and stories transported to the city from over 90 countries. The festival happens in February which is a dark, gray, wet and cold time of year in Portland. Using bright colors helps lighten the spirit and attracts interest as posters and promotions are displayed around town.”
The poster to the right was entered by Hoon-Dong Chung of Dankook University in Gyeonggi, South Korea and was created for The language of war and peace in the new media, with the work featuring “combining concentration and dispersion in order to dynamically highlights the symbolic aspect of ‘Imagery of Social Media.”
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Author: Graphis