Branding: Laura Scott & more from the Education Category

The above image (left) is a branding design by Laura Scott of Studio Scott, located in San Francisco, California. Created for Menlo College, “the M symbol shows a coming together of parts—the scholar with the athlete, the art with the science of business—to create a whole.”

Sascha Lötscher and Fritz Gottschalk of Gottschalk+Ash Int’l located in Zurich, Switzerland submitted the above branding design, which was created for Department of Architecture. “Because a school is a visually crowded space, it all started with a very simple and strict black-and-white approach combined one typeface, Garamond. At first sight, this typeface may be unusual for architecture, but it covers in a neutral way all aspects of the profession: the research, the history, the technical, the human as well as the design.”
Author: Graphis