Design: Ken-Tsai Lee & more from Eastern Asia

Featured today are past and present designs submitted to the “promotion” category.

The design above, which won a Platinum Award in Design Annual 2016, was submitted by Ken-Tsai Lee from Taipei, Taiwan. The design was the visual identity for Taiwan Designers’ Week 2014.


The promotional poster above (left), designed by Minjae Kim, was a self-initiated project created for AABB in Seoul, South Korea. The poster was meant to convey the “idea that essential attributes do not change even when expressed differently, [which] was conveyed metaphorically through the piece of cheese.” The poster beside it won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2018 and was made by Byoung-il Sun of Namseoul University in Cheonan, South Korea. This poster, created for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, depicts the spirit of Korean people by using their symbol, the tiger.

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Author: Graphis