Type: THERE IS Studio, Scott Williams, Henrik Kubel & more from the UK

The sticky bubblegum typographic poster above (left) was designed by THERE IS Studio in London. Created for Another Planet Entertainment, the  “gig poster for Mac DeMarco’s show at Greek Theatre, California” was meant “to fit with his goof-ball / trashy fun vibe.” Beside it (right) is a display typeface design created by Scott Williams & Henrik Kubel of A2-TYPE in London. The typeface was “commissioned by New North Press in London as part of their existing collection of wood and metaltype.”


The decorative typeface above (left) was designed by Greenspace of London. The typeface, titled “AHP Six,” “is a typographic system designed for use with Letterpress printing. The system was created as part of a graphic tool-kit for property developer Anthology, who specialise in creating homes for Londoners.” The poster beside it was also designed by THERE IS Studio, which was “commissioned to create a cover for the education issue of The Washington Post magazine, to show the stress of the choices that students & potential students face.”

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Author: Graphis