Design: Shaobin Lin & more from China

Shaobin Lin of Lin Shaobin Design in Guangdong, China won a Gold Award for the above packaging design in Design Annual 2018. Created for client Runyuanchang, a tea company, the design takes into account the cultural significance of tea in China by using traditional Chinese symbolic elements and “poetic landscape illustrations offset printed on the packaging, hidden in the scroll. The paper strings holding the packaging together adds a sense of human touch to the design.”


Yin Zhongjun of Dalian RYCX Advertising Co., Ltd. in Liaoning designed the above (left) poster in order to promote the Poland Auschwitz international political Poster Biennale. The poster’s effectiveness comes from “a challenging ‘four-dimensional space’ to resonate with the audience. The dramatic presentation of the abstract “Five-Pointed Star” aims to explore the diversity of the differences between Eastern and Western ideas.”
The poster beside it was designed by Fan Yu of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in Shaanxi for their client, Blue Ocean. The poster aims to spread public awareness about the effects of oil pollution in oceans, one of several growing problems affecting the environment.

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Author: Graphis