Branding: Christopher Lehmann, Christopher Cullen & more from Illinois, USA

Under Executive Creative Director Christopher Lehmann, Designer Christopher Cullen of Landor in Chicago created the above branding design for Pernod Ricard Winemakers. They designed an identity for “two Lands, a new wine brand that reinvents Jacobs Creek and re-engages consumers with a juicy, complex origin story,” that story being the collaboration between the United States and Australia.

Under Creative Director Ian Koenig and Design Directors Brock Haldeman and Brett Tabolt, Designers Maggie Traidman and Miranda Birch of Pivot Design in Chicago created a new branding identity for client Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. In order to do this successfully, they “facilitated a number of discovery sessions with nationwide representation and engaged in feedback webinars with six membership sub-groups. This insight helped inform our creative and allowed us to build a bold, reimagined brand that resonates emotionally, conveys the impact of their important work, and makes compelling statements about their mission.”

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Author: Graphis