Type: Paul Garbett, Brian Slade & more from Polynesia

The foretelling poster above won a Gold Award in the Typography3 competition. Designed by Paul Garbett of Garbett Design in Surry Hills, Australia, the poster was created for the Australian Graphic design Association (AGDA) to draw attention to the growing problem of climate change, which is melting the ice and leading us closer to more and more natural catastrophes.

The typeface beside it was designed by Brian Slade of Insight Creative in Wellington, New Zealand, for the NZ Drug Foundation. Their motive was to drive attendance and engagement for the foundation’s new initiative, which included a series of social gatherings and meetings and targeted Maori leaders and communities. “Traditionally, Maori uses combinations of modular cross stitching to embellish various panels and aspects of their meeting houses. This basic grid system informed the type structure and construction. This element representing the strength of the whole, greater than the sum of its parts, each adding to the next. A metaphor for collaborative, positive change for the good of the community.”

The typeface above was also designed by Brian Slade, along with Franziska Steinkohl, whose motive it was to “create a typeface that represented the interwoven nature of effort required to successfully support New Zealand’s at-risk children.” Their client, Stand for Children, loved the design and was impressed with the powerful message behind the type. The poster to the right was entered by Mel Dickinson of Droga5, located in Warrawee, Australia. Designed as a self-initiated promotion for the company’s in-house yoga sessions, and “inspired by the game Twister,” the poster was “a fun and original bespoke typographic poster that captures Yoga’s flexibility and nimbleness.”

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Author: Graphis