Design: Portugal Creates Mesmerizing New Work That Will Knock Your Socks Off

The Iberian country conjures up memorable designs that will be left in the minds of viewers for years to come

Portugal has a storied history of sea exploration, imperialism, and more recently, a stellar soccer team. But that last part doesn’t really play into the story of great design, which is what has been coming out of this small nation the last few years. From FCB Lisbon to Mindshare Portugal, advertising and design has become a stalwart of the country’s creative output. And joining that list is Omdesign and Super. Brand Consultants.
Utilizing their traditions of faring the open seas, the Gold award-winning work from Omdesign harkens back to the traditions that made Portugal a superpower during the age of empires. For nearly six centuries, the Portuguese empire laid claim to dozens of countries and subsequently, thousands upon thousands of naval trips. Paying homage to that historical background is Omdesign’s work for Gran Cruz on their new 130 Year Old Gran Cruz (ABOVE). With a regal presentation and nautical crest imbued, designer Diogo Gama Rocha looks to the past to elevate the present.

And speaking of the present, Super. Brand Consultants’ work for UNO (ABOVE) yearns to bring the age-old game into the modern era with a totally reimagined visual presentation and method of play. What was once played via physical game cards has now begun transitioning to digital play. And while UNO has retained the tangible cards, a new and improved methodology has been applied to bring in a new generation of board gamers. Designer Laura Moreira has outdone herself in this tantalizing campaign.
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Author: Graphis