Cycling in Comfort: BeTRITON in Graphis Journal #374

There’s a trend in motor vehicles lately of combining traditionally separate means of getting around into one. We’ve covered some of these transport chimeras on this blog before, including a flying car, and a yacht-blimp (of all things) last week. So we weren’t entirely surprised to learn about Latvia-based design studio Zeltini’s BeTriton, an amphibious electric motorboat-bike-RV that looks like the lovechild of an origami crane and the Tesla Cybertruck.

Zeltini founder and CEO Aigars Lauzis got the inspiration to create such a mashup while on a four-year solo cycling trip from London to Tokyo. He became frustrated with not being able to cross water on his own, not having space to carry more than he could fit into two saddlebags, and having to constantly set up and take down his tent. Then one day in Shanghai, Lauzis had a flash of inspiration—an idea for how he could upgrade long-distance cycle touring—and the rest is history.

Built for either one or two travelers, there’s a third seat in the back for a non-pedaling passenger, while the sleeping cabin can fit two slender people fairly comfortably. For the pedaler’s comfort, the trike has rear suspension, a cushioned adjustable seat, seven gears, and hydraulic disc brakes. The whole vehicle is electric, and integrated solar panels provide power for a GPS, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging, heating and cooling, and lights. And with the body made of organic fiberglass and recycled PET plastic, along with inner fittings that are 3D printed from bioplastics, the BeTriton leaves what is possibly the tiniest carbon footprint an RV has ever left before. 

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Author: Graphis