Former Journey Frontman Robert Fleischman & Designer Michael Pantuso Top the Charts with Graphis GOLD

Most know him for his noteworthy contributions to the band Journey with chart-topping songs like Wheel in the Sky, Anytime, and Winds of March, plus as a composer for television series including That ’70s Show. Now Robert Fleischman adds fine art to his list of achievements after publicly debuting his first solo exhibition of works of art in May at the chic and savvy Acquisitions of Fine Art in Hinsdale, Illinois, just outside Chicago. 

For a brief period, the Picasso’s and Andy Warhol’s were taken down and temporarily placed into storage to make space for the former rock star, abstract expressionist, and assemblage master. 

A lot of preparation was involved during the weeks and months leading up to the event. And that’s when Michael Pantuso, award-winning designer, illustrator, and fellow artist at Acquisitions, stepped in to assist with promotions for the exhibition. The exhibition poster Pantuso designed features one of the key centerpieces of the show entitled “Mr. Ray-X”, a piece that peers into Robert’s mind revealing his imagination and creative view of the universe.

“Go listen to his music. Then look at his work. Then listen to his music again. You will then begin to know Robert Fleischman and his artistry,” said Pantuso. “We’re a collaborative group here at Acquisitions. As artists, we support each other and learn from our shared experiences. It’s a beautiful thing and it truly ROCKS!”

Fleishman is not the first musician to turn his talents to visual art. From John Lennon, Miles Davis, and Joni Mitchell to Swiss Beats, Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Woods, and Tony Bennett, many musicians attended art school before launching their music careers and came around full circle. And, it’s not without some impressive numbers, last year, a painting by pop icon David Bowie purchased for about $4 at a Canadian landfill sold at auction in Toronto for nearly $90,000.

“When you get to a certain point, the art starts coming back again, and that’s what it did for me,” Fleischman shared.

The result: Pure gold for both Pantuso and Fleischman.

Author: Graphis