Cheering for Cricket + The Right Fit for Furniture: Advertising 2022 Winners

What do sport TV shows and furniture retail shops have in common? They both want your attention and have you keep coming back for more! These two ads from our 2022 Advertising competition show just how great their offerings are and use both creative and clever ways to do so.

Inside Edge Season 2 Campaign” (above) is a gold-winning project by Rhubarb for Karan Anshuman’s show of the same name. Streaming on Amazon Prime, the Hindi sports drama follows a fictional T-20 cricket team known as the Mumbai Mavericks, whose owners operate a league-wide spot-fixing scheme. With the second season of the show premiering, the client wanted to capture the viewers’ attention by featuring the character’s intense personalities and relationships, but keep the campaign grounded in the world of professional cricket.

For their approach, the team at Rhubard created a set with CGI backgrounds that matched each character’s personality and shot the cast member both individually and in pairs. A conceptual thread that connected all of the pieces of the campaign was the visual metaphor of fire, hinting at the anger, rivalry, and tense atmosphere that is present in season 2; as such, the resulting images show each character with objects around them on fire, and the campaign’s final image portraying the characters in an overlapping collage, seemingly coming out of a leather cricket ball and surrounded by flames. Once completed, the images were featured in a grand out-of-home campaign across India, as well as being displayed on the largest outdoor advertising space in Mumbai. The campaign’s fire motif was such a hot hit, it was implemented across various mediums and became the signature of the acclaimed campaign.  

“Pepsi or Coke. Cats or dogs. No matter what a person’s choice has been throughout life, there’s a natural, ‘just right’ fit for everybody.” &Barr’s brand campaign, “Peace” (above), places Badcock Furniture as the quintessential destination for consumers at any stage in their lives, offering just the right size, locations, selections, and financing that rivals even the most prominent big-box retailers. Founded in 1904, the store has grown to hundreds of locations across the United States, delivering a wide selection of home furnishing, appliances, and electronics at affordable prices to everyday customers. To communicate this to new customers, the branding agency highlighted the moments in life where things seem to fall into place, portraying everything from marriage proposals in front of a new home to a peaceful night spent with loved ones. Each scene shows how Babcock’s products can fit seamlessly into a person’s life, no matter the occasion. With its charismatic and humorous portrayal of day-to-day moments, &Bar’s campaign won a Gold award in this year’s Advertising Annual and was met with great success. The campaign launched across digital channels in 2021, reaching over 23.8 million users and leading to a 30.9% increase in incremental store visits. 

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Author: Graphis