Brewing and Branding: Latest Packaging 10 Competition Entries

We often hear the saying that “authenticity is key,” but how do we package genuineness into a brand’s design? In today’s Packaging 10 Competition entries, two distinct products find common ground in their advertising and capture all the ways a brand can promote themselves through a simple package. 

Under the creative direction of Mark Gallo, designer Joe Ross was able to design the packaging and branding for Traina Design’s personal tea brand, “Ketl Tea Co” (above). On the design process, the agency shared that every year they make a point to create a custom holiday gift to send to clients. Seeing that tea is universally enjoyed, the team decided to start Ketl Tea Company, their “own tea brand that exudes authenticity, craftsmanship, and quality.” With a creative team consisting of photographers copywriter Matt Bachmann and photographers Ed Garcia and Laysea Hughes, Traina Design eventually came up with an entire brand identity, composed of rustic aesthetics and typography to package an authentically made tea brand. The dark, autumnal colors and the kettle logo all work to evoke warmth and comfort, which are hopefully feelings consumers will get after indulging in their tea. 

“Piller’s Masterbrand Redesign” (above) also makes use of a rustic design identity to promote Piller’s Fine Foods’ new rebranding. Designed by Jennifer Weaymouth and Michelle Barnes from Weaymouth Creative, the redisign tells a story of “heritage and craftsmanship.” To achieve their main goal of illustrating the brand’s family-run origins, Weaymouth Creative designed a new logo for the company that features the Piller’s first butcher shop. Alongside this nod to history, the design also makes use of classic-style typography to create an overall package that imbues memories of the past and the company’s humble beginnings in 1957. With authenticity to history at the center of the project, “Piller’s Masterbrand Redesign” captures the importance of vintage, rustic graphic design when creating a brand identity that represents the people behind it. 

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