Around the World with 80 Beer Cans: New Talent 2022 Latest Entries

In today’s New Talent 2022 Annual entries, beers and blankets take the forefront of our submissions, with both promising simple delights in a hectic world. 

Under professor Justin Colt, School of Visual Arts student Doah Kwon created the branding for a modern beer company titled “Jet Setter” (above). Inspired by cities around the world, Kwon wanted to emulate each city’s unique nature through a design that spoke to their history and environment. Her main means to do so was changing up the font for each can to “[evoke] each city’s vibe.” It’s a design tool that’s clearly shown when looking at the Paris can that alludes to traditional, Café de Paris aesthetics, or the New York can that utilizes loud and bold typography to mimic vintage Broadway signs. Alongside font changes, Kwon also made use of simple illustrations to pay tribute to tourist attractions and flags. For example, London’s can features the city’s renowned underground subway system, while the Seoul can includes elements of the South Korean flag. The overall end result of Kwon’s work is a series of carefully crafted branding, with detailed design that was able to celebrate a globalized world on a small can. 

While “Jet Setter” illustrates graphic design’s use of typography and illustration, “Sleep Like a Baby Again” (above) conveys the medium’s use of photography to promote businesses or objects. Under the mentorship of professor Kevin O’Neill at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University, student Emily Bright was able to create an advertising series for Gravity Blankets. Her design work mainly relies on catchy, informative slogans and inviting photography to make a point on the brand’s credibility. Titles like “fire the therapist, buy the blanket” are both witty and eye-catching, and create an overall insightful ad series. 

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