From Wildlife Scientist to Photographer: Nick Hall Featured in Graphis Journal #371

Wildlife photography has long captured our world’s captivating scenes and natural beauty. In our upcoming Graphis Journal issue #371 (available for preorder), photographer Nick Hall takes us into his world of auroras and oceans, and inspires us all to take that one little step into the great outdoors. 

Currently living on an island near Seattle, Hall’s journey began in the UK where he was initially a wildlife scientist. Enamored with everything about the natural world, Hall’s affinity towards Earth eventually found a comfortable nest in photography with his main goal of capturing the connection between all living things at the forefront of his scenic photos and landscapes. 

Renowned throughout the industry for his immersive photography, Hall’s work is featured in both wildlife and advertising magazines alike, with his roster of clients uniquely including luxury brands and Fortune 500 companies. Greenhouse Reps co-partner, Gary Hurewitz, describes Hall as someone who’s as “comfortable shooting hunter-gatherers by himself in Tanzania as he is shooting global advertising campaigns.” His vision “is to capture deeply emotional and arresting imagery that celebrates our connections to each other and the natural world.”

Here’s a quick look at our inspiring Q&A with the photographer: 

What inspired or motivated you into your career?

“I fell in love with the idea that having a camera in my hand gave me an excuse to explore and be curious in ways I hadn’t imagined before. So, for example, the camera gave me that extra little push to climb a mountain peak, get up before dawn, chat with a local fisherman, or wander back alleys. I can be a little shy at first; I guess the camera became just the right crutch to entice me out of my shell and open up to the world.” 

What is it about photography that you are most passionate about?

“The challenge of wanting to always make a better image and, in that effort, being on a never ending quest to create an image that is more deeply moving and more emotionally arresting than the last: an image that makes you catch your breath or stops you in your tracks.”

What is your greatest professional achievement?

“It’s been really lovely to win awards, to be recognized within the industry and beyond, and to be able to make a living being a photographer, but I think my greatest achievement was something my son said to me a few months ago. We were shooting some landscape photos at Mt. St. Helens for a new book project, and I brought my son with me for a couple of days. We shot the sunset over the mountain and then stayed up sipping hot chocolate into the night to shoot the Milky Way over Mt. St. Helens. Snuggled under a sleeping bag, my son said to me, ‘Dad, you have a really cool job.’ I felt immensely grateful to be able to do what I do, and to do it along with my little lad was an incredible feeling.”

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