Branding: Caroline Bagley, Erik Berger Vaage & more from California

Designers Caroline Bagley and Erik Berger Vaage of COLLINS, located in San Francisco, designed the above branding campaign for their client, The East Cut Community Board District. Intended to “develop a name and visual identity for a new neighborhood in downtown San Francisco,” the design “captures the area’s cosmopolitan, bold sensibility, while nodding to its vital past—history with a modern edge.”

COLLINS is an independent brand experience design company which designs “products, environments, and communications that transform brands, drive business, and improve people’s lives.”

The design above is a new entry to our Branding7 competition, submitted by designer Petre Spassov of PS Design. Created as a self-initiated project, their company’s branding is based on their belief  “that there is still great value in print medium. Several traditional printing techniques were applied to the collateral suite, such as embossing, letterpress, and foil stamping to create memorable touch-points that generate a sense of occasion at first touch.”
PS Design is a boutique design and branding studio based in Orange County California which “creates compelling brand experiences through clever & elegant design. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients, and help them reach new audiences more effectively through design thinking.”

The Branding7 competition is still open for your entries! Submit your work by Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Author: Graphis