ARSONAL of Ideas

Above: American Horror Story Freak Show, The Americans, both for FX

As Graphis Masters in Design, the Hollywood-based agency ARSONAL is especially adept at creating ad posters for the film and television industries. “My friend’s dad owned a bunch of movie theaters when I was growing up. He always gave me movie posters that I would put up in my room,” says co-founder Brad Johnson in an Advertising feature about ARSONAL in Graphis Journal #357, available in May. “I took what I love about art and applied it to what I love about film. Who knew you could do this for a career?”


Tyrant Season 2, for MGM; House, for FX

Johnson and co-founder Ethan Archer have fueled ARSONAL’s work with creative synergy. “Concept and collaboration are the foundations of our agency,” Archer says. “We wholeheartedly believe that collaboration promotes a healthy form of competition within a supportive environment.” Another team link is the client. “As a studio, it’s important to work with an agency that doesn’t just get your vision but can also take it further,” says Arnaldo D’Alfonso, Creative Director at 20th Century Fox. “Brad and Ethan have built a team of forward thinkers and world-class designers who continually take campaigns to the next level.”


Salem, for WGN America; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, for 20th Century Fox

While many of their creations pop with bold graphics and shocking imagery, other work by ARSONAL shows a quieter sense of elegance. “We view every project as an opportunity to break new ground,” Johnson says. “We aspire to create key art that people will be emotionally moved by.”


The Broken, for After Dark Films; The Strain, for FX

Yet the ARSONAL crew ultimately adheres to the assignment at hand. “Not only are Brad and Ethan extremely talented and experienced individuals, they never fail to listen and pay attention,” writes Todd Heughens, Vice President of Print Design at FX Networks, in his introduction in Graphis Journal #357. “They seem to truly enjoy getting in sync with us, becoming part of our team and challenging themselves to go where other clients may not be willing to go.”