Annual Reports 2014-2016 Winners

ABOVE — Addison (New York, USA) for Wills Eye Hospital | Designer: Ken Rothermich | Creative Director: Richard ColbourneGOLD AWARD
The 2015 report was the last in a trilogy aimed to showcase Wills Eye Hospital’s indefatigable spirit and its focus on education and innovation to drive its efforts to advance the field of ophthalmology.
The oversize brochure illustrates the hospital’s forward trajectory through use of iconic, bold graphics, XL typography, and vivid fluorescent inks. We took full advantage of production techniques to utilize six different UV spot colors along with black process ink.
Once again, this Wills Eye report leaves a lasting impression of a hospital whose tradition of excellence distinguishes it among its peers in the field.
ABOVE — Squires & Company (Texas, USA) for FelCor Lodging Trust | Photographer: Evan Joseph (Cover Image) | Creative Director: Geoff German | Designer: Matt Regis | SILVER AWARD
Felcor Lodging Trust in 2011 had entered into a strategic process of selling many of their less desirable hotel properties and making strategic acquisitions of upper upscale properties. The big announcement for 2011 was the acquisition of the Knickerbocker Hotel, an iconic New York hotel, which would undergo a multimillion dollar renovation.
Squires & Company wanted to showcase Felcor’s strategy by creating a two step cover. The actual cover would feature an image of the newly acquired Knickerbocker hotel, but the vellum fly sheet featured a graphic of an archway with a keystone being lowered into place. The keystone is the key piece that completes the arch and provides the strength and stability and this was perfect for communicating Felcor’s Knickerbocker purchase as it was truly the last and most meaningful acquisition in their strategy.


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Author: Graphis