Design Annual 2018: Branding Winner and New Entry from New York

ABOVE — Buju (New York, USA) for Black Board | Designers: Brian Banton, Jacqui Lau | GOLD AWARD
[The assignment was to] develop a brand identity for Black Board, a not-for-profit organization centered around encouraging black youth in South Africa to get into the creative industry. The real end game for this programme is to help transform a predominantly white male industry, so that one day we might just a have a ‘black board’ of directors.
A blackboard — a universal tool used in schools — is like a blank canvas used to express creativity. We created a fun and playful identity system that leverages irreverent typography, color palettes, and patterns to abstractly represent a collective of active individuals coming together in a creative huddle. This platform is never static, and always maintains a sense of energy and motivation.
This nascent organization has already garnered significant attention from the community and corporate sponsors including Red Bull.


ABOVE — Hello Monday (New York, USA) for Resilio Technologies | Designer: Thorbjørn Gudnason
Resilio brings research-based stress prevention to your smartphone with a playful new app. Their new visual identity is a breath of fresh air compared to the industry standard which suffers from clinical typography and depressing charts.
The typeface is airy and proofs that a health product can be both serious and lighthearted simultaneously. The illustrations show the subtle movement of breathing air via everyday objects, making mankind more resilient — one breath at a time.
The new brand identity is truly a breathtaking, and a healthy approach to run a happy, healthy, and prosperous company.

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Author: Graphis