Ally&Gargano: The Most Important Book on Advertising

Ally & Gargano

Graphis is pleased to announce the publication of Ally&Gargano, a new book chronicling the life and death of the agency that created some of the most successful advertising in the 20th Century.

In 584 full color pages, founding partner Amil Gargano chronicles 46 advertising case studies that helped create one of the world’s most renowned ad agencies.

Their history begins with a then unknown car import — Volvo — and reveals the strategy used to help establish it as an international icon. However, the agency’s most remarkable success was with Federal Express, which was on the verge of demise in 1974. Ally&Gargano’s advertising campaign changed their client’s fate and helped produce one of the great American business successes. Fred Smith, founder and CEO of FedEX, now a $40 billion company, stated, “Had it not been for Ally&Gargano, Federal Express would probably not exist today.”

Ally&Gargano follows the daring strategies the agency used to change the identities of corporations IBM and Travelers Insurance; to reestablish Pan Am’s worldwide leadership; to transform Saab to national status; and to create memorable ads for many other clients, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Timberland, Calvin Klein, Time magazine, and Polaroid.

Although the book retails for $220, Graphis is making Ally&Gargano available to our customers at a special discounted price of $70 when they order from our online store.

“Gargano has come out with a painstakingly researched, lucidly written and strikingly art directed book.”
Barbara Lippert Columnist, Adweek

Be sure to read Barbara Lippert’s Adweek review of the book here.

Ally & Gargano

Ally & Gargano

Ally & Gargano

Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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