Advertising: Allen Oke, Guilherme Bermejo & More

The Advertising Annual 2018 competition has been extended! Remember to submit any entries that you’ve been sitting on! Below are two video entries submitted to the competition this year.

The above video entry was entered by Executive Creative Director Allen Oke, along with Art Director Guilherme Bermejo of Zulu Alpha Kilo in Toronto, Canada. The heartwarming video was made for their clients, Cineplex Entertainment, Avery Ironside, Mert Inal, Susan Mandryk, Maxine Chapman, Peter Furnish, Darren Solomon, Justine Melman, Sarah Van Lange, Sylvia Beirnes, Joseph Frankel, and Stephanie Critelli.

The video entry above was entered by Executive Director of Integrated Production Vince Genovese,  Executive Creative Directors Keith Cartwright and Tom Coates, Creative Directors Chris Toffoli and Mark Krajan, and Art Directors Chris Toffoli, Sinan Dagli, and Lydia Dunay of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. The results of the successful ad for Top Games Inc., US  were that “the app rose to the number five spot in the Apple App Store. The campaign will be run worldwide across multiple channels and platforms for the remainder of 2017 and the early portion of 2018.”
There are only days left to enter your work into the Advertising Annual 2018 competition—enter your best work to compete among several prestigious ad agencies worldwide before it’s too late!
Author: Graphis