Rhubarb’s Masterful Blend of Horror and Espionage

By: Rhubarb


Working on the campaign for Netflix’s limited series “Dahmer” was challenging on multiple levels. Besides the usual creative challenges, we were faced with a subject matter that was so vile and reprehensible that it took some serious reflection and resolve to face it head on.

Collaborating with Jennie Wilkes Ehrlich and Joel Barrios from the Netflix creative marketing team, alongside series creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy, the creative themes for the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story campaign started coming to light early in its inception. At its core, a distinct dirty yellow hue took center stage, drawing inspiration from Jeffrey Dahmer’s infamous yellow contact lenses worn during his ominous pursuits. This carefully chosen color conveyed a sense of grime, dirt, and foreboding, solidifying itself as a defining tone throughout the comprehensive 360º campaign.

The pivotal decision to enlist Dan Winters as the photographer for the key art added depth to the campaign. A legendary figure in photography, renowned for capturing the essence of global leaders and celebrities, watching Dan Winters work was a masterclass in portrait photography and lighting technique. Delving into the psyche of Jeffrey Dahmer as portrayed by Evan Peters, Winters skillfully laid bare the void and depravity lurking behind those haunting eyes. 

We didn’t expect the series—and the campaign—to become as high-profile as it did. In December, Netflix announced that it had surpassed 1 billion hours viewed on its streaming service after spending seven weeks on the Global Top 10 list and on the Top 10 list in 92 countries. This explosive popularity elevated the key art to iconic status, as it became a recognizable touchpoint for the series around the world.


Rabbit Hole is a captivating espionage thriller on Paramount+, starring Kiefer Sutherland, which delves into the manipulation of truth through technology in our contemporary society.

In collaboration with the Paramount+ team, Rhubarb undertook the task of crafting a global campaign that vividly brought to life the digital and real-world manipulation depicted in “Rabbit Hole.”

Our client partners, led by Paramount+ creative marketing VP Kevin Bjelajac and senior creative director Steve Chan, created a kick-ass creative brief that centered on a super simple and powerful theme: YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED. This resonated strongly with viewers, as it highlighted the prevalent use of deception, exploitation, and misdirection for personal, political, and corporate gains—a reality that we are all too aware of.

The campaign’s visual identity featured a distinctive black and yellow color palette complemented by an eight-bit digital font. The font choice conveyed the overarching surveillance theme but also infused a retro sensibility reminiscent of classic films like Three Days of the Condor.

To intensify the message of paranoia and surveillance, thought-provoking copy lines were strategically superimposed onto the striking black-and-white photography captured by Brian Bowen-Smith. The result was a campaign that skillfully captured the essence of Rabbit Hole’s exploration into the manipulation of truth in our technologically driven world.

One thing that was really refreshing about this project is that our client partners recognized the power of the strong black and yellow visual identity of the campaign, and chose the campaign based on our initial concepts. In the end, the final product looked very much like what we presented in round one! Sometimes, decisiveness and instinct are what keep a campaign from getting watered down, and in this case, the client’s instinct was the key to a bold and effective campaign.

Rhubarb is an award-winning agency that develops marketing campaigns with a focus on artistry, craftsmanship, expertise, and diversity of concepts.

An advertising agency that is dedicated to creating art that engages audiences, Rhubarb was born in the era of streaming entertainment, so they approach projects from a fresh perspective, discarding outdated processes that no longer work in today’s climate.

As a marketing studio with team members in Los Angeles and New York, Rhubarb has a network of emerging and established artists around the globe, and they produce work that is effective, beautiful, and unexpected.

Rhubarb has been deemed a Graphis Master and has been honored with 24 Clio Awards, 45 Promax Awards, and 63 Graphis Awards.

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