MullenLowe U.S. Campaign Debuts Pioneering Kevlar EXO

Advertising 2024 entry by MullenLowe U.S. unveiled a campaign for Kevlar that promises to set new benchmarks in the advertising world. The campaign, “Fits the Body. Frees the Mind.” focuses on Kevlar’s latest innovation, the EXO, a transformative leap in body armor technology. Kevlar set out to challenge the status quo in body armor, creating Kevlar EXO. In their high-profile campaign, MullenLowe U.S. has captured the transformative essence of Kevlar EXO, framing it as more than just a product—it’s a testament to human potential when unencumbered by the rigid constraints of predecessors. The campaign elevates the conversation around body armor, portraying Kevlar EXO as a symbol of agility, confidence, and utmost protection.

By: Joe Palasek, ACD, Writer, & Ian Todd and Alex Ridore, ACD, Art Director 

Kevlar created the body armor category but had not had a major innovation in 50 years and subsequently lost market share to key competitors. Not only that, across the category, body armor was often seen as cumbersome, distracting, AND had “fit” exposure points. After years of development, Dupont Kevlar created a revolutionary product to innovate the category and reinvigorate its brand. Introducing Kevlar EXO, the most versatile and flexible body armor product on the market.

There are times you have to be able to adapt to what life throws at you—quickly and effortlessly. This has never been more true than in the defense segment. Military and law enforcement officers must be ready for whatever life throws at them. From sitting to sprinting and crouching to jumping—they have to be prepared for it all at a moment’s notice. It’s a grueling job. They need to be able to move comfortably, but they also need lifesaving protection. Compromises cannot be made. It’s imperative to have both. 

With Kevlar EXO, we realize the true power of flexibility—it’s a second skin. It’s able to stop a bullet, AND it’s able to move with you. The form-fitting armor allows you to fully tap into the potential within you because there’s a state of flow that becomes available when you aren’t distracted by the rigidity of what you are wearing. It allows you to be more agile, to think quicker, and to be more confident, all while knowing you are protected with the best armor possible. It fits the body and frees the mind.

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Author: Graphis