Merkle B2B | Dentsu Rethink Advertising for Lenovo’s ThinkStations

Step into a narrative that champions the creators among us. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Merkle B2B | Dentsu partnered with client Lenovo to rebrand the workstation market with their Advertising Awards 2024 entry that promises more than just product specifications. Associate Creative Director Costa Popolizio introduces us to the “Think anything. Make everything.” campaign—a testament to the power of the Lenovo ThinkStations and a salute to the dreamers, innovators, and creators who make those ideas tangible. Dive into this blog and journey through a campaign that evolves from performance-centric to a harmonious blend of promise, potential, and human endeavor. We invite you to traverse this creative landscape, where the world rewards those who not only conceive great ideas but also dare to manifest them, amplified by Lenovo ThinkStations.

By: Costa Popolizio

Think anything. Make everything.

Lenovo ThinkStations are a line of high-end workstations designed to be used by creators (i.e., engineers, creatives, animators, and architects) for high-end computing tasks, 3D/CAD renderings, and extreme workflows. Lenovo needed a new advertising campaign to increase brand awareness. 

The workstation computer market is overrun with product-centric campaigns focusing on specs, speeds, and feeds. Our goal was to shift the conversation from one of solely power and performance to one of promise and possibility by appealing to the heads and hearts of its users and the IT decision-makers (ITDMs) that make the purchasing decision within companies.

Anyone can have an idea. Making it happen isn’t easy. Our creative approach was simple. If you can think of an idea, you can make it come to life on a Lenovo ThinkStation. This was succinctly summed up in the campaign line: ‘THINK ANYTHING. MAKE EVERYTHING.’ In terms of art direction, the split-screen approach of our campaign visuals clearly depicts the creative process from inspiration (left) to creation (right). It’s a simple visual device that showcases 2 images that look similar at first glance, but when you look closer, they reveal the leap of imagination enabled by the Lenovo ThinkStation. The placement of the Lenovo ThinkStation product image and wordmark in the center of the campaign visuals symbolizes the ThinkStation as the bridge between inspiration and creation. Using more of an emotive creative storytelling approach, our campaign appeals to varied and different target audiences. The campaign has just begun its global rollout in April 2023. 

Our campaign shows that the world doesn’t just belong to people with great ideas but to people who make them happen. The Lenovo ThinkStation is for makers who don’t just think; they also make their vision come true.

Costa Popolizio is the associate creative director of Merkle B2B | Dentsu. Based in Australia, Costa works on projects across the APAC region and internationally. He is passionate about using creative thinking and design methodology to help organizations transform and build value and engagement through their brand. Costa has assisted B2B and B2C clients from diverse industry sectors. His work has also been recognized in several industry awards, including Graphis. Using a conceptually driven and collaborative approach, Costa believes all creative work should be emotive, considered, and crafted to achieve effective communication, innovative customer experience, and good ROI.

Costa Popolizio

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Author: Graphis