Launch Agency’s Campaign for the Locksmiths of IP

In a digital age where ideas often float in the nebulous realm of the internet, intellectual property has become more crucial than ever to protect. But how do you visually represent security assurance for something as intangible as an idea? The 2023 Gold-winning “Griffith Barbee Campaign” by Launch Agency for Griffith Barbee took this challenge head-on and emerged with an ingenious solution. Let’s unlock their creative journey.

By: Isaac Swedlow


Intellectual property can be more difficult to protect than tangible property since it can’t be locked away safely in a vault. That is unless it’s defended by Griffith Barbee, a boutique law firm specializing in IP litigation. Their proficiency in this niche field means they’re equipped to secure their clients’ intellectual property as effectively as if stored under lock and key.

To demonstrate the level of security Griffith Barbee offers, Launch Agency produced a series of print ads depicting what safe IP looks like by creating visual metaphors combined with witty turns of phrase.

The goal was to raise awareness and increase client referrals by cutting through the typical trade publication clutter using absolute simplicity. Unlike other firms who rely on dramatic headshots and a novel’s worth of copy that nobody wants to read, we left our audience with one clear message: Griffith Barbee protects your clients’ IP.


Launch Agency created These print ads in-house by photographing different types of physical locks from the hardware store, with a traditional yellow legal pad as the background. The images that typically represent thoughts or ideas (a lightbulb, a brain, and a thought bubble) were drawn around the locks to complete the visual metaphor.

The juxtaposition of lifestyle photography for the locks with this hand-drawn illustration style represents the very real security Griffith Barbee can provide for even the most abstract ideas and concepts.

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Author: Graphis