From Bud to Beats: Jorel Dray’s Smokin’ Cannabis and Music Posters

Jorel Dray (US) has a knack for leaving audiences in awe earning him not one but two prestigious awards. The first poster, an Advertising 2023 Gold Award winner, was crafted for Door County Cannabis, a client blazing trails in the cannabis industry. But that’s not all—Jorel also lent his prowess to The Shitty Barn, an intimate music venue nestled in the picturesque countryside of Spring Green, Wisconsin, where Jorel collaborated with singer/songwriter David Huckfelt on a poster harmonizing with David’s stirring lyrics. Read on as Jorel unravels the journey of these two posters. Let’s dive into this buzz-worthy fusion of cannabis, music, and the unyielding spirit of creative expression.

By: Jorel Dray

Jorel Dray, a freelance art director, and designer, has a long-standing and friendly relationship with Door County Cannabis Company, a client he admired for their thoughtful work in the cannabis industry. When they approached him to create a poster for the grand opening of their first brick-and-mortar store, he was excited to take on the challenge.

The client had a clear objective—they wanted to gain attention in a fun and unexpected way. Jorel knew the poster had to be eye-catching and playful, but he also wanted it to convey the client’s message of a grand opening.

This was one of those moments of inspiration striking, and the work happened effortlessly. Jorel came up with a concept and, within a few hours, combined an image of a cannabis leaf with a silly waving inflatable tube man. He wasn’t sure if it was the most brilliant idea he’d ever had or the dumbest, but he knew it was unique and attention-grabbing. When he shared the concept with the client, they immediately gave him the green light. No long meetings and no rounds of revisions.

The final poster was as fun to look at as it was to make. The playful imagery perfectly captured the client’s exciting and approachable event. It was displayed locally around Door County, generating a lot of buzz around the opening of the new store. The turnout for the event was successful. Local community members and tourists stopped by to see the store, listen to live music, and buy their favorite cannabis products.

Looking back on the project, Jorel appreciated their trust in him and was proud of the creative solution he had come up with. This project was a testament to the power of collaboration between a client and a creative professional, and he was honored to have been a part of it.

Freelance art director/designer/illustrator Jorel Dray is at it again. This time, he had the pleasure of designing a poster for singer/songwriter David Huckfelt’s performance at The Shitty Barn, a small, intimate music venue in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Despite its humble name, the venue has gained a reputation for hosting some of the best up-and-coming musicians in the region. It’s nestled in the picturesque countryside, surrounded by green fields and rolling hills, and is a popular destination for music lovers and artists alike. As for the poster, the objective was simple—to create a poster that promoted the show and visually captured the essence of David’s themes in his lyrics. His music is inspired by various themes, including the human condition, nature, and spirituality. David’s music is often described as a blend of Americana, folk, and rock, with a touch of country and blues. His lyrics are poetic and introspective, offering a deep insight into the human experience.

Jorel’s inspiration for the poster came from David’s lyrics, particularly “All the harshness of this land of bones, all the madness that we can’t control. One beating heart at the still point of the world.” He illustrated David’s face and subtly overlaid it on a skull to convey this idea. The vintage style illustration featured simple colors—red, tan, and white—meant to connect David’s music to the style of the rustic venue.

As a regular contributor to The Shitty Barn, Jorel was happy to support the venue’s mission by donating his time and creative talents. He had previously designed several posters for the venue and knew firsthand the magic of this intimate music spot. The final poster was well-received, with its powerful imagery and vintage style perfectly capturing the essence of David’s music and the vibe of The Shitty Barn. Jorel considered it a privilege to contribute to the success of David’s sold-out show and to support the mission of this special venue.

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