Beat the Heat: Behind Eight Sleep’s Cool New Amalfi-Inspired Campaign

Eight Sleep‘s “Summer on Ice” campaign entry in Advertising 2024 converges where scorching temperatures meet AI-controlled coolness, transforming summer nights into a refreshing oasis. With art director Jisoo Sim at the helm, the campaign is seen through the lens of fashion photographer Elena Ivy-skaya. The campaign embraces the allure of the Amalfi Coast to redefine those hot summer nights!

By: Jisoo Sim

As the scorching sun embraced the world, Eight Sleep embarked on a creative campaign to transport people to a dreamy and refreshing destination—the Amalfi Coast. Collaborating with renowned fashion photographer Elena Ivy-skaya, the campaign aimed to celebrate Summer 2023 in style. The season’s essence is captured flawlessly, from the playful spirit to the tranquil moments of rest under the sun. This unique and captivating campaign aims to highlight Eight Sleep’s mission to provide the feeling of refreshment every night with their innovative Eight Sleep Pod’s cooling technology.

The Amalfi Coast is a breathtaking stretch of coastline in southern Italy, renowned for its rugged cliffs, vibrant blue waters, and charming coastal towns. Through Elena’s lens, the campaign immersed viewers in the allure of this mesmerizing destination. Each photograph captures the essence of summer’s beauty, showcasing moments of play along the sun-soaked beaches, tranquil respites under the shade of lemon trees, and the sheer joy of basking in the coastal splendor. The imagery effortlessly conveyed the Amalfi Coast’s allure, and in doing so, evoked the desire for a summer adventure that was both refreshing and enchanting.

While summer days are delightful, the heat can become overwhelming, especially at night when it interferes with our sleep. Eight Sleep recognized this and unveiled its mission to provide a refreshing night’s sleep, akin to cooling down from the sun’s rays with a dip in the sea or indulging in sweet popsicles. The campaign’s star, the Eight Sleep Pod, emerges as the solution to summer’s nocturnal heat discomfort. Boasting best-in-class cooling technology, the Pod allows members to experience the luxury of sleeping on ice. The innovative design ensures that individuals can enjoy a peaceful slumber, no matter how high the temperature soars.

The Pod is the campaign’s centerpiece, capturing the imagination of those seeking a serene escape from the summer heat. With the Pod’s cooling technology, you can spend your whole summer on ice, wrapped in a cocoon of comfort that embraces you as you drift off to sleep. The innovative cooling technology ensures that even the warmest summer nights will not interfere with your rest. Imagine coming home after a day of sun-kissed adventures along the Amalfi Coast and sinking into a bed that welcomes you with a refreshing embrace, just like the gentle waves of the Mediterranean. Through bright and refreshing imagery, Eight Sleep calls attention to its mission of providing this feeling of refreshment every night, transforming how we experience sleep, and making it a revitalizing and delightful part of our daily lives. By transporting individuals to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and introducing the best-in-class cooling technology of the Pod, Eight Sleep redefined the concept of summer escapades. The memories of summer dreamy adventures will endure, inspiring you to seek the same blissful comfort and refreshment in your bedroom long after the summer sun has set.

As I find myself transported to the beautiful Italian Riviera with Elena Ivy-skaya, I can’t help but immerse myself in the summer vibes that surround us. The sun shines brightly overhead, and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea beckon with promises of refreshing relief from the heat. Elena, with her keen eye for fashion and aesthetics, captures the essence of the summer with every click of her camera. The vibrant colors of the coastal scenery, the chic beachwear, and the contagious energy of the season all come together to create stunning visual narratives.

As we bask in the Italian sun, the importance of a good night’s sleep becomes apparent. Summer days can be intense, and staying cool and comfortable during the nights is essential for rest and rejuvenation. Eight Sleep’s mission to provide that feeling of refreshment every night sounds like a dream come true. The Pod’s best-in-class cooling technology is the perfect solution to ensure a comfortable and peaceful sleep even during the warmest summer nights. I envision myself retreating to a luxurious room with an Eight Sleep Pod between photo shoots. The cooling technology would cocoon me in a gentle, refreshing embrace, letting me experience that same sense of relief I feel when diving into the cool waters of the Mediterranean. And what better way to top off the day than with a tray of sweet, delicious popsicles? The thought of enjoying these icy treats while relaxing in the evening breeze is simply delightful.

Summer on the Italian Riviera with Elena Ivy-skaya and Eight Sleep’s cooling technology would genuinely celebrate the season—a perfect blend of play, rest, and comfort. The memories of this experience will surely stay with me, inspiring and energizing me long after the summer sun has set.


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Author: Graphis