Power-Up: Bailey Lauerman Nails Campaign for Bosch

By: Joey Googe & David Thornhill, Creative Directors, Bailey Lauerman


What’s the most important part of a power tool? Some might say the bearings. Others, the attachments. Some might say the power source. Bosch believes the most important part is the person holding it. Bosch is a company known worldwide for developing many premium products. And Bosch Tools looked to gain market share in the United States by distinguishing our tools from the rest. 

We started with the brand positioning. Looking at the category, we found most messaging for power tools to be about power, performance, and toughness. But there wasn’t much priority placed on the actual person that would be using those tools. That was not the approach of Bosch. The Bosch tool design philosophy is focused on ergonomics. So our brand positioning was simple: Designed for the worker, not just the work. Bosch tools are built to put the workers first, not just when it comes to performance, but they also deliver comfort and ease of use and are constructed with the worker’s health as a key concern. 

From this insight, we created the brand tagline—“What Hard Workers Deserve.” The campaign itself was a demonstration of how Bosch Tools are built to come through for workers when and how they need it most while making worker well-being the ultimate priority. The TV commercials placed a hero worker in extreme situations—on the side of a skyscraper, in the path of crazed wrestlers, entrapped by a bear—that required a helpful Bosch Tool benefit to get the worker out safe and sound. 

To lend the campaign a bit of gravitas, we had Nick Offerman be our voice. He himself is a long-time Bosch tool user and craftsman who purchased his first jigsaw almost 30 years ago. Said Nick, “I don’t have any fancy advertising slogans to offer here—all I know is that I have always turned to these tools when I want to perform hard work as efficiently and accurately as possible.” 

Through a series of content launching across streaming TV, radio, and social media, his iconic voice celebrates the tough work of trade workers and illustrates how Bosch engineers its tools to be ergonomic and efficient and to support lasting careers. 


In addition to improving both aided and unaided awareness for Bosch Tools, the campaign has consistently driven a range of brand and product attributes around worker-centric design. This has led to improvements in product consideration and foot traffic into key retailers. 


We lived up to the brand promise and created work that is unique, memorable, and puts the worker first. Bosch makes helpful tools because that’s “What Hard Workers Deserve.”

Where we are is who we are.

In Nebraska, that means a firm handshake. Straight talk. A respectful manner. We value community and fairness, believe in courtesy, and are considerate. That translates to our work and how we work. And it can be seen in the relationships we have built with our clients. 

An advantage of living here is that we have our finger on the pulse of how people outside America’s 10 largest cities think and feel. We understand their values because we share them. And that led us to create something we call The Everything In-Between.

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Author: Graphis