Advertising Annual 2016 Submission Spotlight: Colorado


Agency: The Integer Group    Client: Polaris Industries  Art Director: Cory Doney

Graphis is pleased to present the works of advertising agencies The Integer Group (image above) and Greenhouse Partners (image below) for this year’s competition. Other submissions from Colorado include GrenadierBCF, and CP&B. The Integer Group sought to display “an aspirational moment, that would make any rider long to get on the snow” in reference to [Read More]

their approach for the “See A New Way Up” print and film campaign for Polaris Industries.  They captured the idyllic moment that captured the true essence of the sport, with no distractions. The “See A New Way Up” Campaign was designed to remind the industry of why people ride The Integer Group aimed to return to display the core message of Polaris Industries.

Beauty is a Beast 1

Agency: Greenhouse Partners    Client: The 18     Art Director: Elliot Asbury

The “Beauty is a Beast campaign” was designed in an effort to bring awareness to women’s soccer and to address the inequality in treatment between women players and their male counterparts. “Beauty Is A Beast” based on an insight from our players that, while female athletes are equally as determined, relentless and passionate as men, they are too often evaluated based on traditional notions of beauty. So, we took the stereotypical notion of “beauty” and turned it on its head with the campaign.

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Author: Graphis