Advertising Annual 2014 Submission Spotlight:
Future is Bright/Faith Radio

Advertising Annual 2014
Left: “Faith Radio Poster”
Right: “The Future is Bright: 4th of July Poster”

Art director John Herd received his Bachelor’s degree in Design, Film Production & Public Speaking from Berry College and achieved his Master’s degree in Interactive and New Communication Technology from Florida State University. After working for a year as Jr. Designer at The Zimmerman Agency, Herd started working as both art director and designer at BRIGHT RED\TBWA. Some of his clients include Pilot Pens, Club Med, Krystal Restaurants, Flowers Foods (Nature’s Own), Aruba Tourism, HDT Global, North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and Faith Radio.

Faith Radio serves Tallahassee and eastward and outlying areas of the Big Bend, South Georgia and parts of South Alabama. The station can be heard 24 hours a day over 90.1 FM and 105.7 FM. In addition, Faith Radio can be listened to on their daytime station, 1070 AM. John Herd was asked by Faith Radio to design a poster for the Florida WFRF 1070 AM radio station.

Art director Nathan McCollum developed a deep interest in graphic design during his eight years of experience in the professional advertising world. Throughout his career, McCollum has gained extensive knowledge in both print and interactive applications. Some of his major clients include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros., Aveda, LionsGate, Paramount Pictures, CenturyLink and Zatarain’s.

Recently, McCollum headed the campaign for Peter Mayer Advertising and their July 4th celebration called “This Land is Your Land.” The results were so great that he submitted his “The Future is Bright: 4th of July Poster” to Graphis’ Advertising Annual 2014 competition. John Herd submitted his “Faith Radio Poster” to the competition as well.

The competition features the most compelling and influential advertising work of the year. Prizes consist of gold and platinum awards, which are then published in the Advertising Annual 2014.

To submit your own work to the Advertising Annual 2014 competition, click here. But don’t wait! The final deadline for entries is July 17th.

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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