Winning Stamp Entry from Canada by Matthew Clark, And a Book Entry by Erika Brask and Dan Saal (US)

For the Design Annual 2021, designer Matthew Clark from Subplot Design, creates the above stamps for Canada Post’s 50th commemoration of the Apollo 11 mission. Titled, “Apollo 11,” the two stamps each feature half of a whole image, and when put together, they ‘dock’ the spacecraft. In addition to the stamps, Subplot Design’s 5-part series entry is a collector’s set that includes actual sketches from the Apollo program. Matthew Clark’s past stamp designs most recently won Gold in the Graphis Design Annual 2019.

US designers Erika Brask and Dan Saal of Wonderfull Design, developed a book for the 50th anniversary titled, “Craft Capital: Philadelphia’s Culture of Making.” They aimed to capture the historic crafts of the early days of Philadelphia. From the photo editing displaying the crafts, to the book binding, care was taken to accurately represent the city and its artists. Brask and Saal’s design work has previously won Silver in the Design Annual 2020.

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Author: Graphis

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