US Designer Grant Gunderson, and Ann Burlakina from Russia Submit Engaging Packaging Designs

Grant Gunderson of Dunn&Co was commissioned by “Skagway Spirits” to pay homage to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896-1899. He enters the above 7-part series to the Graphis Packaging 10 competition. He also submitted this design to the Design Annual 2021. The imagery focuses on a pioneer scaling the side of the bottle with a vibrant and large piece of gold on his back. The design not only captures the spirit of the Gold Rush, it displays the brand’s relationship with the imposing, yet beautiful environment of Alaska. Grant Gunderson’s liquor bottle designs have won him Silver in the Design Annual 2019.

Russian design firm, Ohmybrand, creates the above striking new branding for “RoliPoli,” a healthy snack bar. Designed by Ann Burlakina, the packaging is bold with black and white old fashioned figures put against bright-colored backgrounds. The physical activities and fruit adorned on the packaging successfully show the clear significance of the brand’s value in health and nutrition.

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Author: Graphis

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