Voyager Station: Luxury of the Future Featured in Graphis Journal #370

Over the past few years, tv shows and movies centered on exploring or living in outer space — like “The 100” and “Passengers” — have made people even more interested in space habitation. With notable figures like Elon Musk already planning to travel to Mars, the possibility is closer to reality than many think.

The plans to occupy space don’t only include solo endeavors or government programs, but huge projects meant for consumers as well. Orbital Assembly Corporation, a space development company, intends to bring luxury and relaxation into outer space. Unlike in most sci-fi films, there’s no impending disaster humanity is trying to escape from with the production of the Voyager Station, a large rotating space station designed to provide artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the rate of rotation.

The station was designed to accommodate business, manufacturing, and national space agencies conducting low gravity research, but most interesting of all, through the use of artificial gravity the station is able to offer “the comfort of low gravity within the luxurious accommodations of a luxury hotel space for tourists who want to experience an extended visit to space.”

The project, intended to begin construction in 2025, will come with all of the amenities and experiences of a traditional vacation on Earth, except that guests will have the entrancing view of the stars and galaxy to enjoy as they barrel through space. Guests can stay in huge villas (500 m2) — capable of housing 16 people — for a week, month, or purchase it as a vacation home. They can also enjoy smaller hotel suites (30 m2), capable of housing 2 people. 

The station will be decked out with a restaurant, bar, and gym and activity module. Divided into three rings (Docking Hub/Inner Ring, Outer Ring Truss, and Habitation Ring), the station will have an overall diameter of 200m, a mass of 2,418 metric tons, and a maximum station occupancy of 316 to 440 people. 

Considering the project still has some ways to go, there is a chance to invest and also prepare an early reservation to stay at the Voyager. Will you be among the first to vacation in space?

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