The Creative Value of Age: Packaging 10 New Entries

This week’s Packaging 10 entries demonstrate firsthand how the themes of age and growth can be used to create sharp, unique designs. 

Japanese designer Hajime Tsushima and creative director Yukiko Tsushima crafted an alluring packaging for Sake-Show Yamada and their brand of sake “OKU” (above). The design is ultra sleek and sophisticated, perfectly encapsulating OKU’s theme of maturity and aging. As the sake matures, the flavor deepens, and thus the design concept becomes clear: the changing taste is aptly compared to the phases of the moon. Tsushima explains that “the first new sake of the year is ‘Full Moon.’ The sake that has been slightly aged is ‘Half-Moon’ [and] the well-aged sake is ‘Crescent Moon,’” demonstrating how, just like the moon reaches its darkest stage over time, Oku reaches its deepest tone in its maturity. The end result is “a mysterious design with white printing on a silver sticker. The brightness of the silver looks like a galaxy spreading in space.”

Tsushima nails both the packaging and advertising photos, and they work well together to signal the taste and experience of drinking Oku. Sake is a savory beverage, and the packaging and aesthetically somber photos perfectly convey a powerful, yet comforting taste, much like the moon creates an ambient setting with its illumination. Oku has become increasingly popular and is in demand overseas, making this an exciting and solid new entry. 

The theme of age is heavily present in “Sunbites China Yogurt Bite’s” (above) design and branding as well. Designed by PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the packaging is lively and charmingly juvenile, as the product is geared towards kids. The design firm wanted to “reimagine snack time as a fun, interactive bonding experience between kids and parents,” and thus the packaging delivers more than just bright colors and endearing artwork. 

The yogurt bites themselves come in a snackable cube embossed with a letter from the alphabet, allowing children to play word games with them, while the packaging comes with pouches that have “[interactive] animal illustrations. The illustrations are a puzzle game and can be combined to form adorable animals … [or] fantasy creatures.” Paired with a clever product design, the promotional photos capture the overall joy and ease of childhood, and together make Sunbites China Yogurt Bites creatively and commercially distinctive. 

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