Vibrant Vodka and Vinegar Bottles: Two New Packaging 10 Entries

Settle down with a good drink and a zesty meal with these two new entries to our Packaging 10 competition. Whether it’s premium liquor or quality vinegar that suits your fancy, you’ll be wanting at least one of these bottles after reading about them.

American designer Derek Hulsey works for Young & Laramore, an advertising agency based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Young & Laramore roots its work in helping companies take a stand and create a sense of uniqueness. Husley, supervised by art director Dan Shearin, created new packaging for Hotel Tango Distillery, which was founded by a US Marine. “Hotel Tango Packaging” (above), expertly showcases their motto, “To distill with discipline”. Each liquor bottle has an earthy color and a label featuring clean, bold typography. This minimalist approach keeps the packaging close to Hotel Tango’s roots while adding a flair of originality. The phrase “Ready-To-Drink” cleverly plays off of military MRE (Meals, Ready to Eat) packs. These bottles are so pretty, they even received merit in The One Show competition, a prestigious award-show for all things marketing and design.

Chinese designers Tiger Pan, Qian Chi, and Meitao Ye work for the world-renowned agency Shenzhen Tigerpan Packaging Design Co., Ltd., which has earned many awards including several A’Design Awards, Reddot Awards, and Graphis awards. “Luhua Glutinous Rice Vinegar” (above) is a rebranding of Luhua Group’s rice vinegar bottles. Inspired by Chinese street shop signs, the layout is as elegant as it is simple, with a beautiful foil top, a petal-shaped tag, and red and gold accents on the bottle’s neck as well as in the label’s typeface. Why can’t all packaging look this good?

Our Packaging 10 Competition ends on April 13! Submit your work here before it closes!

Author: Graphis

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