Unconventionally Conventional: Two New Packaging 10 Entries for Soda and Medicine

Our new Packaging 10 entries skillfully add personality to seemingly normal objects, such as these can and prescription medicine rebrands. Don’t you wish your refrigerator and medicine cabinet were designed by Pepsi and Bratus?

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, once again, perfectly nails another can rebrand. This limited-edition entry titled “Pepsi X MOM HANDWORKS – LTO Can Set” (above) was designed to celebrate the longstanding partnership between Pepsi and the China Women’s Development Foundation’s “MOM HANDWORKS” Cooperative Program. This partnership began in 2019 with the collaborative Bring Happiness Home Chinese New Year Campaign and the launch of this rebrand.

To kick off this campaign, Pepsi and the China Women’s Development Foundation unveiled a scroll created by almost 100 different craftsmen from six different provinces. The scroll contained both traditional and modern designs, embodying different New Year customs from all across China. Furthermore, Pepsi wanted to also mirror MOM HANDWORKS’ Sustainable Development and Innovation Public Welfare Project, which launched in 2016 and promotes protecting cultural heritage and supporting traditional artists, through this redesign. These three cans celebrate Chinese heritage, with the blue background showcasing regional embroidery patterns that don’t take away from the Pepsi brand. It’s no wonder these cans are in contention for the New York Design Awards!

Bratus is a branding and strategic design agency founded in 2011 and located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They primarily work with local companies and brands to clarify their stories in a meaningful way, and their philosophy of “exceptionally-made intelligent design” extends to every project they work on.

Bratus designers Si Tran, Trang Pham, and Jimmi Tuan’s entry “Stella Packaging” (above) is a perfect example of their excellence in developing unique brand identities with how it transforms the way we typically view prescription drugs. Each box in this entry features its own color scheme, and a medical-esque pattern is situated beneath the name and dosage of each prescription, resembling different processes that occur in the human body. These illustrations, paired with the minimalist label and typeface, work wonders to make the mundane special. While the pharmaceutical industry is not a conventionally creative mode of expression, Bratus makes it one through their design.

If you enjoyed these designs, check out the rest Packaging 10 has to offer! Don’t forget to submit your own entries by April 3rd!

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