Million Dollar Listings and Bluetooth Headphones: Two Design Annual 2022 Entries

Whether you want to buy some New York City property or new headphones, these entries for our Design Annual 2022 Competition have you covered!

Graphis Masters and father-daughter duo Toshiaki and Hisa Ide are the founders of IF Studio, a Manhattan-based content branding and design studio. They focus on brand strategy, brand identity, and advertising campaigns as well as photography and video production. They have won numerous awards here at Graphis, including twelve Platinum Design Annual Awards. “Ryan Serhant, The Open Book of Closed Deals” (above) was created for “Million Dollar Listing Star New York” Ryan Serhant, who went from making less than $10,000 per year to earning shy of $1.5 billion dollars in contract sales with the aid of his team.

Toshiaki and Hisa Ide’s entry serves as a promotional brand campaign for Serhant. Bags and shirts with the phrases “I’m coming for your mother’s listing” and “Expansion, always, in all ways” printed on them are central to this campaign since these sassy slogans relate to Serhant’s motto of BME: big money energy. This campaign also features brochures that advertise past deals Serhant has made in order to celebrate the success he and his team had in 2020. 

Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company with its headquarters in Beijing. Since its inception in 2010, Xiaomi has become a leading producer of laptops, smartphones, headphones, appliances, and other home goods. Headed by Jiangpeng Su, Xiaomi’s Ecosystem Packaging Design Team’s entry “Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic” (above) is a design campaign that features simple line drawings of cartoon characters using Bluetooth headphones. The black and white color palette allows Xiaomi’s logo in the top right corner to stand out. These headphones are lightweight but do not compromise on sound quality, and the earbuds have volume control buttons that allow the user to adjust the music’s volume without having to unlock their phone. The minimalistic design is matched by the simple brand campaign that illustrates that these headphones are perfect for every type of person and activity. 

Like these designs? Check out our website for similar Design Annual 2022 Competition entries. Don’t forget to submit your own entries here by tonight at midnight! After today, the competition will officially close. 

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