Type4: Lucie Bole, Luca Ionescu & More

Our Typography4 competitions, both Typeface Design and Type in Use, have been extended until August 29, 2017. We look forward to receiving your best typeface designs! Above and below are entries submitted to us from North America.

The poster above (left), designed by Concept Arts, Inc. of California, won a Platinum Award in Typography3. The typography was designed by Luca Ionescu and Like Minded Studio, and the poster was meant to remind audiences about the Summer release of The Great Gatsby film in 3D. The typeface beside it (right), titled Gugg, was designed by Lucie Bole of New York and entered into the current competition. The object was to “design a typeface for the identity of annual HugoBossPrize of Guggenheim Museum NYC 2017.”
Above (left) is a Serif typeface design, titled “Gneiss,” submitted to the current competition by Si Weon Kim. The typography design beside it (right), entered by Toshiaki and Hisa Ide of IF Studio in New York, won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2018. The poster promotes gender equality: “Model Alyssa Daughtery, nude on top, flexes her muscles and stares back at the viewer with a defiance that says, “don’t label me” as just pretty. We then used Moshik Nadav’s original “Lingerie” typeface to ad-“dress” her unspoken words, “Equality Now.”
There are only a few weeks left to submit to the Typography4: Typeface Design and Type in Use competitions! The sooner you submit, the greater your chances of being featured on our website, blog, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis