Type: Thomas Wedell, Nancy Skolos, Akira Kobayashi & more from MA, US

The above left, “Coexistence,” by Design Firm Skolos-Wedell under Thomas Wedell and Nancy Skolos of Canton, MA, for the AGI Poster Exhibition in Switzerland was awarded Gold in our Poster Annual 2017. They designed “tent-like shapes, similar to book forms, frame the letterforms and represent written ideas. These ‘ideas’ coexist on the picture plane in a complex but decipherable configuration.”
Beside it is “Between,” an entry in our Type 4: Typeface Design competition by Designer Akira Kobayashi for the Monotype foundry in Woburn, MA. “The Between typeface was a long time in the making, and can be tracked back to initial traces made by Akira Kobayashi in the 1990s. Inspired by his previous successful designs, Akira set out to develop a DIN-style sans serif typeface with an overall friendlier look and feel. Akira saw that many corporations around the world were using rounded or humanist sans serif styles over the traditional Helvetica typeface, so Akira’s goal was to make the Between typeface approachable, with the right blend of coolness and warmth.”

Fidelity Sans” (left) is also an entry in our Type4: Typeface Design competition. It was designed by Jonas Hecksher with the PlayType foundry from Boston, MA for the Fidelity brand.
To its right is “The System” by Designer Dae In Chung, which won Gold in our Poster Annual 2017 as well. They described the poster as “an exploration into building and revealing a system by gradually breaking away from it.”

Our Typography4 competitions have been extended further until November 7, 2017.

Author: Graphis