Poster: Gottschalk + Ash, Matthias Hofmann & more from Switzerland

The above left is titled “Vitrina” and was created under Designers Sascha Loetscher, Fritz Gottschalk, and Mattia Conconi of Gottschalk+Ash Int’l in Zurich. The purpose of the poster was to promote Artist Ingrid Keller‘s exhibition for the Archaeological Collection in the University of Zurich It won Gold in our Poster Annual 2015.
Beside it is “Trampeltier of Love” by under Designer Matthias Hofmann in Luzern. Created for client Neustahl GmbH, the poster won Gold in our Poster Annual 2017.

To the left is the Gold Award-winning poster “The Events Leading Up to My Death” by Definitiv Design AG from our Poster Annual 2017. Created for for Junges Theater Solothurn, the poster was designed by Nadine Kamber.
To the right is “Electron Festival” by Artisans Graphiques, created for for Headfun by Designers David Berguglia and Celine Tissot. It also won Gold in our Poster Annual 2017.

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Author: Graphis