Type: Earl Gee, Kyle R. Thompson & more from California & Nevada

By San Francisco’s Earl Gee of Gee + Chung Design for Neenah Paper, the “Discover San Francisco Poster” (above left) won Silver in our Poster Annual 2015. To its right is “Vincenza Display” by Designer Kyle R. Thompson for the Pacifica type foundry, The Rare Form, which was submitted to our current Type 4: Typeface Design competition. Thompson “started with high-contrast letterforms inspired by Bodoni and Didot, and began designing a modern take on the traditional fashion typeface.” He “did away most of the serifs, and exaggerated the remaining ones to give the upper case its distinctive sharp look.”
To the left is another entry in our Typeface Design competition, “Motorix,” by Monica Maccaux for type foundry PSY/OPS under Art Directors Sibylle Hagmann and Rod Cavazos from Nevada. Maccaux said the typeface “was meant as an experiment to see what language can be and look like, and my hope is that it will challenge where language and type design can go in the future.” Next to it is a Gold-winning poster, “Exhibitor Show’s 25th Anniversary Poster,” by Design Firm Vanderbyl Design under Designer Michael Vanderbyl and Malin Reedijk for Exhibitor Magazine in our Poster Annual 2015.

Hurry! The Typography4: Typeface Design and Type in Use competition deadlines are approaching! The deadline is Tuesday, November 7.

Author: Graphis