Two New Packaging 10 Entries that were Revived by Rebranding and Redesign

Two of the latest entries in our Packaging 10 Competition tell us what it means to really redesign a product to get consumer attention. Whether it’s finely aged wine or a convenient salty snack, the packaging has to be on point to really stand out.

Sun Linlin and Zhou Jingkuan of Left and Right Creative Design make the tasty melon seed snack from Inner Mongolia Nari Lige Food Co. fun and interactive for their consumers. The new line of packaging promotes the seed snack with 12 different bag designs, each representing one of the 12 zodiac symbols. 

The work, “Twelve Constellations Sunflower Seeds,” (above) intends to catch the eyes of young Chinese consumers who are interested in horoscopes. As a result of their efforts, the product features 12 beautiful and intricate graphics that all incorporate sunflowers with their depictions of the Western zodiac. Consumers adored the creative packaging, buying seeds that align with their birth month.

In order to sell good wine, it’s important that your label stands out among the other bottles on the shelf. Annette Harcus at Harcus Design in Australia knows that it’s easy to get lost in a liquor store. One way to really make a wine shine is to showcase its history to convey its authenticity and flavor to customers. 

Harcus rebranded Bethany Wines’s line, Estate Range, to the more eye-catching “First Village” (above) which uses an intricate, monochrome illustration of the town Bethany to convey its history as the first settlement in the famous wine region of Barossa Valley. Harcus’s redesign conveys the history of the wine and vouches for its taste more efficiently than the original, leading to a 25% increase in sales.

The deadline for Packaging 10 is December 1st. Submit your entries today!

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